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Hypnosis and Subliminal MP3s for Alcoholism

quit drinking hypnosisStop drinking, and take your life back right now. You can regain your health, and have the confidence and peace of mind to have the life you really want. You can enjoy a longer life, a happier life, a healthier life; did you know, it’s possible you could live an extra eight years, if you stop drinking alcohol? Simply lay back, close your eyes, put on a pair of headphones, and relax… you CAN stop drinking, and a happier, healthier, longer life can be as easy as that, right now, with self hypnosis for alcohol addiction!

self hypnosis alcohol addictionA clean, healthy, alcohol free lifestyle can be yours, right now! Binaural beat, self hypnosis to quit drinking can free you of your alcohol addiction, and free your family and friends of your alcohol problems permanently, for less than the cost of your daily alcohol addiction.

binaural beats alcoholThrough a combination of alpha and SMR brain waves states, deep relaxation and hypnotic suggestibility, our unique binaural beat, subliminal and self hypnosis for alcohol addiction MP3s can help you to easily access your subconscious mind, and change the “inner scripts” that dictate you alcoholic behavior, including the unconscious behaviors that contribute to your alcohol addiction. If you have not been successful in previous attempts to stop drinking, binaural beat self hypnosis can help to change that, much more easily than you “think”! Hypnosis takes you below the level of thought, to a state of “knowing”. It is in this place where miracles can happen. You can experience a miraculous “Quantum shift” in consciousness, one that will leave you feeling and thinking as if you have always thought and felt this way….. thinking and feeling like a non drinker.

alcohol hypnosisThere is so much more you could do with your life. Get off your butt, and just do it! You were meant to succeed, the Universe, God, your Higher Power, wants you to succeed, and be happy, and healthy. What hasn’t killed you has made you stronger, and you are a very strong person, to have come this far…. it is just a matter of taking the next step.

binaural beats alcoholWhat are binaural beats, and why do our unique alcohol addiction self hypnosis and subliminal MP3s use them?

Binaural beats are a brain wave entrainment technique that can have very powerful effects; binaural beats can not only bring you down to a deep, and highly effective hypnotic state, binaural beats can also help to correct the brainwave imbalances that contribute to alcohol addiction. It has been discovered that those with alcohol addiction have low Alpha brainwave activity; this means they have trouble relaxing, and turning off their thoughts. Also, those with low SMR (sensory motor response) levels have a tendency to self medicate. Thus, they develop an addiction to the unhealthy and destructive form of self medicating and “relaxation” alcohol falsely provides.

self hypnosis alcoholBinaural beats can literally rebalance the brainwaves naturally to a more normal, non-addictive state, allowing you to turn off your thoughts and worries, relax, and enjoy life, without your alcohol addiction. Take a minute to download a binaural beat, quit drinking self hypnosis or subliminal MP3, right now! It’s less than $10, and it could change your life forever!

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