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Drug Rehabilitation Facilities In Northern California #alcoholism #alcoholabuse

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California’s northern region is heaven for the nature lover as it is covered with redwood forests, gorgeous beaches with superior surfing opportunities and a wealth of outdoor activities to engage in. A setting like this offers a healing environment for anyone seeking drug rehab in California in the state’s northern parts.

The Camp Recovery Center Among the Redwoods in Santa Cruz, California

Anyone who has had the fortunate experience of attending summer camp will greatly appreciate The Camp’s tranquil, woodsy setting in the redwood forests of Santa Cruz, California. The drug rehab center is located on 25 acres of magnificent forested hills and treats adolescents as well as adult drug users, no matter the substance abused.

The camp has been in business successfully for over 25 years, welcomes addicts no matter the drug of choice and has earned accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). Camp Recovery Center is a member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP).

Patients at the camp live in cabins amongst the groves of redwood trees. The stunning scenery helps in supporting the many and varied therapies offered at The Camp including ROPES courses, yoga, 12 step therapy, family counseling and relapse prevention planning.

MourtainView Recovery Center, San Rafael, California

This men-only drug rehab in California facility is in the San Francisco Bay area with a full-immersion therapy approach to recovery in every phase of addiction treatment.

The facility’s staff understands the importance of administering the appropriate therapies to their patients at each stage of recovery and adapting the treatment to the client’s current level of addiction, readiness and maturity. The focus at the MountainView Recovery Center is on their patient’s not only successfully returning to the real world but maintaining a drug-free existence for life. With this goal in mind, they provide extended care rehabilitation and the most advanced clinical therapies for addicts in search of drug rehab in California in the northern part of the state.

LifeChoices Treatment Services in San Jose, California

LifeChoices drug rehab in California is in the heavily populated county of Santa Clara, home of the renowned Silicon Valley. LifeChoices Treatment s Services is a non-profit facility with 31 beds that accepts all insurances.

LifeChoices rehab center has been highly praised for its facilities and treatments. They treat the whole person here, not just the addiction. The main focus at LifeChoices is to get at the underlying causes of addiction in each individual patient.

The newly admitted patient will receive a complete mental and physical examination to determine the best therapies for his particular situation. Following this, a certified counselor is assigned each patient who will stay with him through one-on-one as well as group sessions. The counselor is also responsible to ensure the client stays on his specifically designed program.

LifeChoices administers the drug Suboxone to alleviate the stress and side effects of withdrawal to the patient in need.

This facility has earned the highest attainable accreditation available to any drug treatment program and was voted best program in the San Francisco Bay area by TV channel 4.

All in all, Northern California substance abusers have a wide variety of drug rehab treatments available to them. A little research will lead them to the ideal drug treatment facility for their individual needs.

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Drug Rehabilitation Centers And Treatments In Southern California #alcoholabuse

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Rancho Mirage, California: The Betty Ford Center

Just outside Palm Springs, California in the tony town of Rancho Mirage lies the world famous Betty Ford Center – the place where celebrities go to dry out.

The Betty Ford Center was established by Mrs. Ford herself after coming to the realization she was addicted to prescription pain pills. She performed a great service to addicts and their families everywhere by bringing the very much stigmatized substance abuse problem into the light of day.

Betty Ford introduced new treatment methods as well as introducing the notion of treating the families of addicts, not just the afflicted member. She recognized the despair of the family whose loved one is a substance abuser. Both the addict and his family need drug therapy to ensure permanent recovery.

Other rehab centers, while perhaps not as well known, exist throughout the state. In the southern part of the state, besides the Betty Ford Center, one has the option to undergo drug rehab therapy at the luxurious Passages in Malibu or Chapters Capistrano in San Clemente.

San Clemente, California: Chapters Capistrano

On the beaches of San Clemente you’ll find a little paradise. A place where a private chef is cooking gourmet meals, the rooms over look the ocean, and the personal trainer is just waiting for you in the gym. This place is Chapters Capistrano.

Unfortunately, like all treatment centers, it’s not all about luxury. Chapters also has one of the best teams in the area to help all of their guests reach their goals. They understand that sobriety is difficult and they are there to make sure that you don’t have to do it alone.

After you get your life back, Chapters Capistrano goes the extra mile to make sure that you keep it. All guests are encouraged to participate in their relapse prevention program to give everyone the best possible chance to maintain their sobriety.

Passages of Malibu Beach, California

Passages is a luxurious California drug rehab facility in one of the most beautiful sites along the Malibu coast offering panoramic ocean views, a heated pool and spa, meals prepared by a 5-star caliber chef and full time housekeeping.

The treatments are not necessarily as luxurious as the surroundings but they are effective, advanced and designed specifically for the needs of the individual. Alternative treatments are offered at Passages rarely found in other California drug rehab facilities such as yoga, acupuncture and equine assisted therapy.

The professionals at Passages work on the addicts underlying causes of their substance abuse in order to break the cycle of addiction and help maintain permanent sobriety for the rest of their lives.

The 10 Acre Ranch in Riverside, California

This facility is not a luxurious option but an affordable one recognized by the State of California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs. This men-only California drug rehab center puts the focus on changing lifestyles through behavior modification with the goal of permanent sobriety.

The 10 Acre Ranch has only six beds allowing individual attention to each patient undergoing treatment in a warm, homey atmosphere. The entire program is completed in four fast weeks and actually does offer the patients relaxation and fun on ten acres of ranch land.

Hope by the Sea in San Juan Capistrano, California

Hope by the Sea is situated in a lovely beach community and serves all of the Orange County area of California. The facility offers a serene and tranquil environment for the user to recover from his substance abuse. Patients at the low-risk end of the addiction scale can live in the “real” world of work and personal endeavors while attending therapy sessions as out patients.

The family program at Hope by the Sea is considered to be of primary importance to the user’s recovery. This intensive program lasts three days and is focused on education, empowerment and support for the family’s involved with the addict so family members can turn around and offer the same to their afflicted loved one(s).

These are just three of the many quality drug rehabilitation facilities in Southern California. Residents of this region who find themselves abusing any substance have several effective treatment centers near their homes to choose from. They also have a wide variety of treatment options and rehab costs from which to choose so they can pick the one that best suits their emotional needs and the needs of their wallets.

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